Signal Asset Management offers clients a Discretionary Share Trading Program using a "Long Only" trading mandate. For clients who decide to invest in this offering a segregated share trading account in the client's name will be opened at Consilium Stockbrokers (JSE Member). Clients who have funds available for investment from a Retirement Annuity or Living Annuity may also participate via Sanlam’s Glacier Platform using Sanlam Private Wealth (JSE Member) as stockbroker.

All clients who invest in this offering will be required to sign a discretionary trading mandate with Signal Asset Management.

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Share portfolios are managed by Alan Amler and his professional, experienced support team. Alan's key expertise is in technical and systematic trading, while the support team concentrates on fundamental analysis with a bias towards identifying "special situation" investment opportunities. The use of these two alternative approaches to investment decisions & allocations provides the Program with the important benefits of flexibility & diversification. Another key factor in the management of portfolios is a strong emphasis on mitigation of downside risk, using inter alia sophisticated "stop loss" strategies.

Unlike most investment managers we do not charge any fixed management fees. Our remuneration is a performance fee based on producing positive results. This exemplifies our commitment to aligning our interests with that of our clients.

Minumum amount: R 250 000


  • Brokerage Fees: Reduced rates negotiated with Consilium & Sanlam
  • Management Fees: Nil
  • Performance Fees: 20% of realised profits (including interest & dividends) using High Watermark principles. Calculated & payable quarterly.


24 hrs notice, subject to status of open positions in client portfolio.


  • Clients receive independent daily statements from their stockbroker.
  • Clients have online viewing access to their share account.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact us.

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