Signal Long Term Growth Model Portfolio

For investors who are looking for enhanced returns, with an allocation wholly in high growth assets and can tolerate the risk of market drawdowns.

Download the Signal Long Term Growth Factsheet

 Fund Description: Consists of an asset allocation portfolio with an allocation wholly on High Growth assets.
 Investor Profile: Medium to long term investor
 Benchmark: South African Multi Asset High Equity (ZAHE) , JSE TOP 40
 Fund Manager: Alan Amler
Platforms’ -  Allan Gray Investment Services (Pty) Ltd , Sanlam Glacier , Momentum Wealth.
 Launch Date: 1 October 2014
Time Horizon: 5 years +
Regulation 28 Compliant: Yes
Risk Rating: High risk  5/5
Targeted Annual Return: CPI + 6%
Targeted Maximum Drawdown: -12% to -16%
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