About Signal Asset Management

  • Signal Asset Management is a professional boutique financial services operation formed in 2007 and based in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Signal is a fund manager and financial advisor serving the investment needs of individuals, financial advisors and private investors. We also offer direct financial advisory services.
  • Our investment strategies adhere to the principles of strong risk management, transparency and liquidity.
  • Our goal is to deliver superior long term risk-adjusted returns with low drawdowns.

We have invested significant resources in people and infrastructure and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with quality personal service.


Alan Amler (Director / Fund Manager)

Alan has over 30 years experience in trading equities and financial derivatives.

Prior to 2002, Alan was Manager and Head Trader at stockbrokers Lowenthal & Co. He also supervised the execution of client orders in financial derivatives, gilts and equities, and was responsible for the development of trading systems for managed accounts.

In 2002 he founded Signal Futures, a financial derivatives brokerage in Cape Town. The firm also ran a very successful Systematic Trading Fund tracking the JSE Top 40 Index.

In 2007 he sold his equity in Signal Futures, & established Signal Asset Management. At the same time he joined International Standard Asset Management (ISAM) as a partner. ISAM ran a Gold Fund & a Global Macro Fund (trading managed futures). Alan was joint trader for both funds. He left ISAM in 2010 and set up the Signal SA Systematic Fund and thereafter the Signal International Systematic Fund.

In 2013 he launched the Signal IP Seasonal Growth Fund of Funds, a listed unit trust.

In 2014, under Alan's direct supervision, Signal Asset Management launched four asset allocation models (utilising the Allan Gray Investment Platform).

Ben Pooler (Director / Research)

In 1997 Ben graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT) with a BSc in Civil Engineering. In 2002 he completed an MBA at UCT Graduate School of Business.

Ben has extensive experience in I.T. & web development, most notably during his work career in London at Warburg Dillon Read and Firstchoice Holidays. Whilst at Warburg, he developed The Swiss Bank Product Catalogue and maintained account-opening software.

Ben's career includes time at Moneyweb, initially as Subscriptions Manager, & subsequently as Business Manager, in which  role he supervised  IT, sales and "New Project" teams.

In 2007, Ben worked as a bond trader at Met Trader (trading Euribor and Sterling), & in 2009 as trade executor and researcher for International Standard Asset Management (ISAM).

In 2011, Ben joined Signal Asset Management. His responsibilities include new product analysis, trade reconciliations and slippage reporting. He has been responsible for research & back-testing for Signal's asset allocation models (utilising the Allan Gray Investment Platform). 

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